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Rambling Rose and Diamond Painting
05.15.2021 | Rambling Rose Crafts | Diamond Painting

About the Channel "Rambling Rose and Diamond Painting" :

I am passionate about all things related to diamond painting, and my desire is to share this beautiful craft with the world. I care deeply about sharing my knowledge and helping other diamond painters, both new and experienced, with information about our art form. Whether you want a review of a diamond painting seller or to learn tips and tricks to make your diamond painting adventures even better, my aim is to share everything I learn with you. Along the way, I will share stories, answer your questions, and consider every request received to make a video about a particular topic, store, or issue, from ordering to framing and everything in between!!!!


Join me on our mutual journey to diamond painting nirvana!!!

Happy 💎 painting!
Rose 🌹


Rose has always been passionate about things related to diamond paintings she loves, and is happy to share all the information she has learned in diamond paintings with many viewers, and take you to experience a different diamond painting journey.


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