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Melanie B’s Creative Studio
04.15.2021 | Melanie B’s Creative Studio | Diamond Painting

About the Channel "Melanie B’s Creative Studio" :


I am a paint by number and diamond painting enthusiast! I am also Farmasi Beauty Influencer, a Chalk Couture designer, an artist, a designer, a makeup addict, custom framer and more! My channel is where you will find all of the things I am obsessed with and love to share. I believe in REAL BEAUTY LOOKS for REAL PEOPLE! Demos, tutorials, reviews, product information and so on will be found here! Enjoy! Please don’t forget to subscribe 😉.


Melanie has been sharing her favorite paint by numbers, diamond paintings and all her obsessions with many viewers. You can learn a lot about paint by numbers from her channel. Let's take a look at her Pick in Fgnormal.